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The world's leading color science solution provider

Color science is critical in modern film imaging systems. It runs through the entire pipeline of the filmmaking workflow, from the sensor de-lamination process, to the final display device color management. We believe that an advanced color solution can elevate the potential of a device to create image quality far beyond its capabilities, for example, our sensor matching and MFOS technologies can give any device imaging quality comparable to that of advanced film cameras.

Feature Service

Sensor matching and optimization

Metis Film's sensor matching technology will be utilized to match various digital cameras and sensors.

This is a specific training patch mathematics with spectral measurement and modification technique. We open the service to filmmakers from the driver-factory level

It will present you with an unprecedented level of consistency and put a camera in your hands that is comparable to ALEXA/RED etc.. Simply stated, it provides an upgrade for ACES.

Image by Mika Baumeister

Feature Service


Digital Film Out

Metis Film Out Service (MFOS) is a film recording process that transfers your image onto 35mm film which was then scanned back into digital.

Digital clips are printed on film using a Arri Recorder and scanned back from the negative/print copy using an advanced color science mapping model

The recorder is finely calibrated and adjusted to provide a modern, high-gloss, vibrant look.

You'll find that colors rich in human emotion combine organically with your images to give your creations the charm of classic film.



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